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Informatica strengthens Security and DevOps Collaboration with RedLock
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Informatica Strengthens Security and DevOps Collaboration with RedLock

by   |   09.25.18, 10:20 AM

For over 25 years, Informatica has helped their customers unleash the disruptive power of data. Informatica Logo Once known as the data integration company, their position now as the leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management allows them to be at the forefront of data-driven digital transformation.

Informatica’s solutions allow organizations using AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to accelerate cloud integration and data management goals. For example, organizations can leverage Informatica to unlock the power of Amazon Redshift to modernize data warehousing and provide actionable insights.

9,000+ customers and processing 2.5+ trillion cloud transactions per month across all ecosystems

Now entering into Data 3.0, Informatica has embraced public cloud computing, adopting a multi-cloud approach within the organization. Within Informatica, multiple teams use cloud services and each team operates their own cloud accounts. As Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud usage grew, the executive team needed a manageable platform to extract insights, comprehensive visibility and the ability to manage risks across all of their public cloud environments.

At Informatica’s core is securing customer data. We sat down with Pathik Patel, the Director of Cloud Security of Informatica’s Cloud Trust Center, whose team is responsible for managing the organization’s cloud business which recently on-boarded RedLock Cloud 360 across their public cloud environments.

“The best thing is [using RedLock] built up the trust between the security and DevOps team”
- Pathik Patel

Since using RedLock, Informatica was able to strengthen security and DevOps collaboration within the organization. The insights surfaced through RedLock’s network visualization, dashboards, and compliance reporting gave the organization a better understanding of their infrastructure. More specifically, by using RedLock Query Language (RQL), Patel’s team can now discover critical assets and create custom policies by defining the risks they would like to alert the corresponding teams about.

Pathik Patel - Informatica - Strengthen Security Devops Collaboration Patel recalls working with a DevOps team lead during the onboarding of their account to the RedLock Cloud 360 platform. The team lead was surprised to see a number of open alerts within the environment, despite adhering to security best practices. After further investigation, the security team validated the findings and were able to decrease the time to resolution through RedLock’s integration with various incident response technologies. This exercise provided immediate value to the DevOps team and encouraged cross-team collaboration.

RedLock provided a single pane of glass across their multi-cloud environment. While each CSP may offer its own suite of security services, Informatica required a cloud security platform that could aggregate disparate datasets across all clouds, to give their security teams and cloud users comprehensive visibility in a single-pane view.

Next Steps to Strengthen Your Security and DevOps Collaboration

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