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Prologis Confidently Migrates to the Public Cloud with RedLock
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Prologis Confidently Migrates to the Public Cloud with RedLock

by   |   09.26.18, 10:20 AM

Prologis is the world’s largest owner and developer of warehouses and distribution centers with over $90 billion in assets under management. Through innovation and sustainability, they are listed as a member of the S&P 500 and the Fortune 1000 and have become the leader in Logistics Real Estate.

For over 5 years, the company has embraced public cloud computing and have adopted a multi-cloud strategy. After a successful legacy database migration project, Prologis is now planning to move remaining critical systems to the cloud.
Prologis Confidentally Migrate to the Public Cloud with RedLock Keeping in mind the dynamic nature of the public cloud, security and DevOps teams needed to work closely together, requiring the security team to have visibility into assets across all public cloud environments and as soon as instances are created.

19 countries, 4,000+ warehouses, 1,600 employees, and nearly 100% in the public cloud

Tyler Warren, Prologis’ Sr. Cloud Security Architect, and his security team are responsible for the security of the company’s public cloud environments. With the security team making up only 2% of the entire IT department, Warren wanted a tool that was quick and painless to deploy while giving them multi-cloud insights such as host vulnerabilities, detecting network intrusions, and the ability to efficiently respond to incidents.

“We are multi-cloud. We needed a cloud security tool that gives visibility across all clouds and is easy and fast to deploy.”
– Tyler Warren

Prologis ultimately chose RedLock. Within 24 hours of deploying the RedLock Cloud 360 platform, Warren’s team discovered and identified vulnerabilities, had insights into their assets and configurations, and were able to rapidly respond to incidents. ProLogis - Tyler Warren This has allowed Prologis to more confidently move more applications to the cloud, accelerating their migration to the public cloud.

RedLock has become critical in the day-to-day operations for both the IT operations and security operations teams. Both teams access the platform to address alerts. By giving the team the ability to remediate their own incidents, security and compliance are tightly integrated into the DevOps culture, offloading Warren’s team to focus on more strategic security initiatives for Prologis.

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