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RedTalk episode 6 - Compliance in the Cloud
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RedTalk: Compliance in the Cloud

by   |   08.23.18, 6:00 AM

Compliance in the Cloud

Auditors often ask abstract questions such as, "Are you ensuring that data at rest is encrypted in your cloud platforms?" However, what does that mean and how do you begin to answer questions about compliance in the cloud?

If you are using AWS today, you will need to understand where the data is stored, what services are being used, and what the differences are between each service such as S3, RDS, and RedShift. Additionally, if you have a multi-cloud environment, you will also need to understand the other cloud platforms and their nuances.

Where do you begin to answer the question for auditors?

The RedLock Cloud 360 platform provides out-of-the-box control mapping for the cloud service providers' services to various compliance standards such as NIST, CIS, GDPR, and more. This can not only assist you in being able to identify where the data is stored but also help you understand the nuances and differences between encryption of data at rest between AWS S3, RDS, RedShift and SQL servers in Google Cloud.

You can rest better at night knowing that as these services change and evolve, and more of your data stores and applications move to the public cloud, RedLock continues to monitor the services from the cloud service providers and understand the best practices to maps them to various compliance frameworks.

Now, when you do get asked questions such as "Is our data encrypted at rest? Are we compliant?" You can quickly look at a report from the RedLock platform to answer questions not only in its current state but also historically over a period of time.

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