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RedLock Cloud 360 Platform

Cloud threat defense starts with comprehensive visibility across your entire environment, including across multiple cloud service providers.

Speed up cloud forensics

Go back to any point in time and easily investigate issues.

The RedLock Cloud 360™ platform’s interactive map lets you quickly pinpoint issues and perform impact analysis, cutting time to resolution from weeks or months to seconds. You can also view time-serialized activity for any resource to review a history of changes and better understand the root cause of an incident.

Detect suspicious activities faster

Rest easy knowing that anomalies will be automatically detected.

We combine our deep understanding of your public cloud infrastructure, third party threat intelligence data sources, and AI to baseline user and network behavior. Any anomalous patterns immediately trigger an alert so the issue can be addressed as soon as it is detected.

Enable DevSecOps

Implement policy guardrails for DevOps without hindering productivity.

We provide predefined policies for configurations and access controls that adhere to established security best practices such as CIS, PCI and NIST. Or, create your own. Simply turn them on and rest assured that any new or existing resources that violate these policies will automatically be detected.

Focus on what’s important

Contextual alerts help you prioritize issues and respond quickly.

We use AI to continuously score every resource based on risky attributes and behavior. The highest rated risks bubble to the top, which makes it simple for you to prioritize your time. We also provide context on the risk factors associated with a particular resource so you can respond appropriately.

Prove security and compliance

Easily report on risk posture to your management team and auditors.

We provide you with reports about the risk posture of your environment based on business impact, policy violations, and anomalies detected. You can quickly report on your overall security and compliance posture to your management team, board of directors, and even auditors.

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