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Host Vulnerability Integration

Enable deeper visibility and timely remediation into host and container vulnerabilities

The Solution

Vulnerability management at scale is not only complex, but a constantly moving target in the cloud. RedLock’s AI-driven threat intelligence combined with vulnerability data from or Qualys provides organizations with an unprecedented level of visibility into AWS environments.

RedLock Comprehensive Visibility

Deeper Visibility

Gain deep visibility into AWS and discover hosts or containers with known vulnerabilities.

RedLock Monitoring

Contextual Insights

Optimize security and compliance decisions based on contextual insights from or Qualys and other sources.

High Technology Industry

Faster Remediation

Prioritize and expedite risk remediation, minimizing windows of opportunities for malicious actors.

Host Vulnerability Management At Scale

In the cloud, resources are created and retired in a matter of hours – drastically complicating vulnerability management. In this dynamic environment, it is difficult to pinpoint specific, questionable cloud resources, or fully understand the real risks. Many questions arise:

Are any of my workloads impacted by the Spectre or Meltdown vulnerabilities?

The RedLock Cloud 360 platform can be used to search for vulnerabilities across your entire AWS environment in minutes based on severity, CVE IDs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), and other attributes.

RedLock and Tenable Integration | Meltdown and Spectre

Which vulnerable workloads have we detected in our cloud environment in the last 7 days?

The RedLock platform can be used to monitor for vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation for resources with high risk scores.

RedLock and Tenable Integration | Vulnerable Workload

Which vulnerable database servers are receiving traffic directly from the Internet?

RedLock goes far beyond basic vulnerability identification by providing additional context. The platform takes an AI-driven approach that correlates disparate security datasets including network traffic, user activities, risky configurations, and threat intelligence with vulnerability data from or Qualys. This enables you to monitor and investigate high risk situations.

RedLock and Tenable Integration | Suspicious IPs

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RedLock and Enhance AWS Security

By combining RedLock’s platform with Tenable’s vulnerability management, our technologies are uniquely positioned to create the most comprehensive security solution with global presence for public cloud computing.

Host Vulnerability Management in the Cloud

Discover hosts and containers with known vulnerabilities across your entire public cloud environment in minutes.

RedLock + Tenable Integration

Learn how overlaying host vulnerability data with other data sets provides deeper insights into risks.

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