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Slack Integration

Send RedLock alerts to Slack so incident response teams can prioritize investigations and remediations

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The Solution

Effective Cloud Threat Defense requires the constant identification, detection and response to changes in your cloud computing environment. RedLock’s AI-driven approach delivers actionable alerts via Slack when unusual or suspicious activity is discovered.

High Technology Industry

Streamline Your Workflow

RedLock’s sends contextual alerts to Slack, enabling rapid response.

RedLock - Timely Respond & Historical Insight

Centralize Incident History

Assemble and consolidate RedLock alerts in one place.

Team Alignment

Create Team Alignment

Centralize your team’s cloud security conversations, decisions, and responses.

Incident Response in Public Cloud Environments

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, compliance and security remain top concerns. With the RedLock-Slack integration, alerts are seamlessly surfaced and prioritized, enabling incident responses teams to quickly address incidents. Common scenarios that incident response teams can be alerted to:

Is there any unusual user activity in my cloud computing environment?

The RedLock Cloud 360™ platform can identify unusual behavior that may indicate, for example, compromised access credentials, and send alerts to specific Slack channels for further investigation.

Slack Notifications Account Hijacking

Are any storage buckets publicly accessible?

RedLock monitors your environment for policy violations and can send Slack notifications to individual or group Slack channels for remediation.

RedLock Alerts S3 Buckets

Are any of my resources communicating with ports known to mine bitcoin or ethereum?

RedLock can monitor your cloud environments for cryptojacking and a variety of other threats. The platform can dispatch alerts to specific Slack channels for additional analysis and suggested remediation steps.

RedLock Alerts Cyrptojacking

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