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Splunk Integration

RedLock’s integration with Splunk delivers an enhanced, holistic approach to security operations

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The Solution

Effective Cloud Threat Defense requires automated identification, detection and response to risks within your public cloud environment. RedLocks’s AI-driven approach to security and compliance integrated with Splunk, delivers actionable information for incident response teams.

RedLock Comprehensive Visibility


The RedLock Cloud 360™ platform identifies cloud resources and applications to provide comprehensive visibility across an environment.

RedLock Monitoring


RedLock detects threats such as risky configurations, anomalous user activities, suspicious network traffic, and host vulnerabilities.

High Technology Industry


The RedLock – Splunk integration leverages existing IT and security workflows for ticketing, orchestration, and response.

Cloud Security Orchestration and Response

The RedLock – Splunk integration enables security orchestration and response for cloud security incidents. Incident response teams can take advantage of their existing investments.

Leverage Existing Splunk Workflows

The RedLock – Splunk integration seamlessly sends RedLock alerts to Splunk workflows, enabling instant ticket creation for incident response teams.

Enterprise Integration

Prioritize Cloud Security Incidents

RedLock alerts are categorized as high, medium and low, and can effortlessly be consumed by Splunk workflows to prioritize issues.

Prioritization Cloud Resources

Orchestrate Responses to Cloud Security Incidents

RedLock alerts can be consumed by Splunk by security automation and orchestration tools to execute digital playbooks.

Splunk Integration - Orchestrate Responses to Cloud Security Incidents

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