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Public cloud computing adoption is outpacing cybersecurity defenses. RedLock provides you with solutions for every step of your cloud security journey.

Compliance Assurance

If your organization operates in a highly regulated industry, ensuring compliance is a key business requirement. However, mapping cloud resource configurations to compliance frameworks such as CIS, PCI and HIPAA can be challenging. RedLock enables you to monitor, auto-remediate, and report on compliance using out-of-the-box policies.

RedLock Compliance Assurance Overview

Security Governance

Ensuring that your organization adheres to your “gold standard” security policies is imperative for managing risks. Unfortunately, security governance is challenging in dynamic public cloud computing environments due to the lack of visibility and control over changes. RedLock enables DevSecOps by establishing policy guardrails to detect and auto-remediate risks across resource configurations, network architecture, and user activities.

RedLock Security Governance Overview

SOC Enablement

Security operations teams today are being inundated by alerts that provide little context on the issue which makes it hard to triage issues in a timely manner. Cloud computing adoption expands the threat landscape and exacerbates the issue. RedLock enables you to identify vulnerabilities, detect threats, investigate current or past incidents, and auto-remediate issues across your entire cloud computing environment in minutes. For the first time, you can not only find out what “may” go wrong in your environment due to misconfigurations, but also be able to assess impact by seeing what “is” actually going on.

RedLock SOC Enablement Overview

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