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GDPR Compliance

Easily Conform to GDPR Regulations for Public Cloud Computing Environments

Continuously Manage, Monitor and Report on GDPR Compliance

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full effect, and many organizations need to take the necessary steps to comply. Specifically, those that use public cloud computing are subject to this regulation and for many, questions remain as to how to comply with GDPR and the shared security model.

GDPR applies to any organization – located anywhere – that offers goods or services to, or monitors the behavior of, EU citizens. Under this definition, many US enterprises and organizations must adhere to this regulation.

Second, public cloud computing is absolutely subject to GDPR regulations. In fact, GDPR regulations specifically calls out ‘cloud(s) processors and controllers will not be exempt from GDPR enforcement’.

Third, the Shared Responsibility Model of Cloud Computing does not fundamentally change under GDPR. Cloud providers are responsible for securing the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud and the services provided; while customers, acting either as data controllers or data processors, are responsible for any personal data they put in the cloud.

Cloud Security Shared Responsibility Model

To summarize, many organizations who use public cloud computing services will be subject to GDPR regulations. Those organizations are still subject to fulfilling their responsibilities under the shared security model. The shared security model and GDPR are complementary; one does one supercede the other. Fortunately, RedLock is here to help organizations meet both requirements.

GDPR Compliance Made Simple with RedLock Cloud 360 Platform

Cloud Resource Discovery

RedLock automatically discovers cloud resources as soon as they are created and profiles them to understand which policies to assess for GDPR compliance.

Compliance Dashboard

Compliance and security teams can easily view, monitor and report on the GDPR compliance status of all public cloud environments, quickly noting resources that pass and fail the GDPR’s chapters and articles.

Continuous Monitoring and Remediation

RedLock continuously monitors cloud computing resources for violations and automatically alerts the appropriate for remediation.

Audit Reporting

RedLock not only enables you to report on your current GDPR compliance posture, but also maintains historical snapshots of your environment, enabling you to prove compliance for any past periods.

GDPR Reporting Features

Real-time GDPR Compliance Status Visualization

RedLock’s custom compliance dashboard enables organizations to create their control panel to view and manage GDPR compliance, including a high level summary for all public cloud computing environments. With RedLock, you can easily and quickly assess the state of you compliance status.

Real-time GDPR Compliance Dashboard

Comprehensive GDPR Coverage

RedLock clearly maps compliance to GDPR chapters and articles, so you always know which areas you are compliant and those that need attention.

Comprehensive GDPR Coverage

Powerful GDPR Audit Reporting

When an audit occurs, organizations are asked to prove compliance for a given time period. This poses significant challenges in public cloud computing environments that are highly elastic and dynamic.. RedLock enables you to report on your current compliance posture, and also maintains historical snapshots of your environment, enabling you to prove compliance for any past periods as well.

See GDPR Reporting on the RedLock Cloud 360 platform

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