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Our Mission

To accelerate digital business by managing cloud security and compliance risks across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our Story

Now more than ever, security and compliance risks involved in cloud computing threaten an organization’s ability to drive digital business. That’s why it is critical for security and DevOps teams to work as one.

Founded in 2015, RedLock is made up of security experts and former entrepreneurs of successful cloud security companies, all of whom saw first-hand the growing complexity of this problem, combined with the rapid adoption of public cloud infrastructure. Our goal was to apply our deep market insight to tackle the public cloud infrastructure security problem in a new way and we set out to do just that. We deliver true cloud infrastructure security which means, for the first time, security teams can see a true picture of their risks over their entire cloud environment in a single view. What’s more, we do it in a frictionless manner that does not impede DevOps’ ability to innovate. With RedLock, security and DevOps teams can confidently accelerate digital business.

RedLock Story

Varun Badhwar

Co-founder & CEO

Gaurav Kumar

Co-founder & CTO

Wayne Jensen

Chief Architect

Upa Campbell

VP Marketing

Matt Chiodi

VP of Cloud Security

Viswa Soubramanien

VP of Engineering

Brandon Conley

VP Sales

Ankur Shah

VP Product

Andrew Davidson

VP of Business Development

Allan Kristensen

VP of Solutions Engineering

Alok Tongaonkar

Head of Data Science

Harnish Kanani

VP of Customer Success

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