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The Vision: True Cloud Infrastructure Security

True cloud infrastructure security provides you with a holistic view of risk without impeding DevOps. It comprises six key attributes.

1. Dynamic

A true cloud infrastructure security solution must continuously aggregate data across your environment to understand the role and behavior of each resource. It must automatically discover changes to existing resources or creation of new resources to keep pace with your dynamic environment.

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2. Comprehensive

A true cloud infrastructure security solution must deliver a comprehensive view of risk across your entire environment including managed (for example AWS S3 and RDS) and unmanaged (for example AWS EC2) resources. It needs to correlate user activity, resource configurations, and network traffic with threat intelligence data to generate a holistic view of your cloud infrastructure risk.

Comprehensive visibility

3. Automated and intelligent

A true cloud infrastructure security solution must automatically monitor your ever-changing cloud environment for risks. It should use a combination of policies that adhere to industry best practices and machine learning to pinpoint suspicious user and network behavior.

Continuous monitoring

4. Contextual and actionable

A true cloud infrastructure security solution must produce insights that provide complete context on the configuration and risk factors associated with a particular resource so you can act quickly. It must also prioritize those risks, enabling you to address the most critical ones first.

Actionable Alerts

5. Real-time and historical

The ephemeral nature of cloud infrastructure makes it difficult to investigate past issues since offending resources may have changed or been terminated since the incident occurred. As a result, a true cloud infrastructure security solution must provide real-time as well as historical snapshots of your environment.

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6. Frictionless

A true cloud infrastructure security solution must support a frictionless zero-footprint approach to ensure that DevOps is unimpeded. Rather than restrict or slow down development, the solution must help you provide DevOps with guardrails to move with speed, agility, and confidence.

Frictionless Deployment

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